What is the Citrix secure access solution?

The secure access solution from Citrix provides a unified stack of cloud-delivered services that allows IT to provide a productive hybrid work environment with zero trust security. It addresses one of the biggest security challenges facing enterprises today: As the workforce becomes more distributed, and as more business apps are delivered from the cloud, traditional security architectures that require appliance-based solutions—VPN, SWG, DLP controls and WAF—are proving to be inadequate. These options don’t protect against modern-day threats coming from usage of BYO and unmanaged devices, access to the internet, or attacks looking to exploit apps and APIs. And they can’t scale to meet the demands of modern-day workforce.

Now more than ever, you need solutions capable of securing applications from unauthorized access, application-level threats, browser-based attacks, and more—all without complicating the user experience.

亚博国际登录Citrix Secure Access Solutions将安全控件放在附近的应用程序和最终用户,使其比以往任何时候都更容易支持安全的混合动力工作。在边缘的安全性,您的应用程序不断受到保护 - 无论员工工作还是他们使用的设备。

How do Citrix secure access solutions differ from other cloud security alternatives?

When it comes to securing access to apps and data, there’s more at stake than protecting against threats and vulnerabilities. For employees to remain productive and engaged, you need to ensure access is hassle-free. But while many single-solution providers offer individualized capabilities, such aszero trust network access (ZTNA)OR cloud and web security, the sheer volume of separate policies and monitoring dashboards makes this incredibly complicated for IT to deliver.

这就是为什么Citri亚博国际登录x统一安全访问需求的全部范围,进入一个统一的云交付的堆栈 - 因此您可以简化日常管理,同时提供无与伦比的工作 - 从任何地方的体验。无需多点产品或专业技能。亚博国际只需依靠一个齐全的仪表板



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将应用程序和API保证为Application Security作为云服务。

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How do Citrix secure access solutions help you stay ahead of threats?


Citrix Secure Private Accessprovides zero trust network access (ZTNA) to all apps, with adaptive authentication to continually evaluate access based on end user roles, locations, device posture, and user risk profiles. This always-on security solution lets organizations securely support “anytime, anywhere” distributed work and BYO programs, without risking exposure to malicious content and web-borne threats. With advanced access controls for managed and unmanaged endpoints alike, it greatly simplifies IT while enhancing the digital workspace experience for users.

亚博国际登录Citrix安全互联网接入阻止用户安全破坏网站y providing secure access to SaaS and web applications. This cloud service includes a complete stack of security capabilities—a next-generation firewall, secure web gateway, cloud access security broker, intrusion prevention and detection, and more—to continually protect data stored in both sanctioned and unsanctioned apps. With intelligence from 10+ threat engines and 100+ points of presence (PoPs), it allows businesses to protect all users against external cybersecurity threats. In any location, for every application.

Citrix Web App and API Protection服务提供整体,分层保护,针对已知和零应用攻击。此基于云的服务结合了Web App防火墙,机器人管理和DDOS保护,以保持所有应用类型安全,并帮助您保持一致的安全姿势。

Citrix Analytics for Securityuses sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence to continuously assess, detect, and prevent risks. Each user is assigned an individual risk profile, with scoring that’s adjusted based on real-time activities. When an anomaly or suspicious action is detected, Citrix Analytics for Security acts immediately to proactively prevent unauthorized access to apps. These behavior-based analytics ensure your users can be productive from any location and device, while your company stays protected.

What can you do with the Citrix secure access solution?

Thousands of organizations rely on Citrix to provide secure, seamless access to applications.

Deliver zero trust access to apps



Provide fast, secure, and reliable access to all applications


Go beyond traditional SSO and MFA with adaptive access



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When HDI experienced a rapid increase in remote workers, IT faced an important decision: Increase investments in servers and virtual machines, or find a better way to securely deliver apps? With Citrix, the company was able to securely support unmanaged and BYO devices—no additional infrastructure needed.


With Citrix, we have found a way to increase productivity and deliver a better employee experience. We’ve made remote work more secure.

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Secure access: A unified and cloud-delivered zero trust security solution

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