Government IT solutions

Securely deliver apps and data to a mobile government workforce. Improve efficiency while cutting operational costs and enhancing user experience.

Reduce cost and increase productivity

Citrix helps departments securely and efficiently support mobile government workforce while cutting operational costs and enhancing user experience. From provisioning desktops and applications in a matter of minutes, to reducing total operational costs by as much as 40 percent, Citrix solutions deliver significant cost and productivity benefits for government agencies.

Enable a mobile government workforce

Deliver seamless mobile access to desktops to improve efficiency and productivity. Real-time network and performance-optimization technologies from Citrix provide a fast, reliable and quality experience regardless of location, device and network connection.


Citrix transforms the government workplace with solutions that protect confidential data and guard agencies against cyber threats. Apps and associated data remain in the data center, where they are accessed through granular, policy-based user authentication. This level of access control, along with auditing and reporting capabilities enable IT to manage compliance, information governance and data protection.

Secure government data in the cloud


Simplify adoption of cloud and next-generation networking

为家庭办公室,分支机构和移动工人提供高可用性和服务质量。无论应用程序和数据驻留在哪里 - 混合,本地,或多云环境 - 您可以将用户安全地连接到所需的内容。

Citrix Cloud Government

Deploy, manage, and optimize workloads on any government-grade infrastructure

The new system has enabled us to work smarter, to be more fast-footed and to be out more, working with partners and really selling the city. We’ve had great feedback from residents as well: we look smarter, we react faster and we’re more responsive to local issues.

Sarah Reed
Assistant Chief Executive
Sunderland City Council

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