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亚博国际登录Citrix Hypervisor is a le亚博国际登录ading virtualization management platform optimized for application, desktop and server virtualization infrastructures.Consolidation and containment of workloads on 亚博国际登录Citrix Hypervisor enables organizations of any vertical or size to transform their business IT compute infrastructures.

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亚博国际登录Citrix Hypervisor is a comprehensive s亚博国际登录erver virtualization platform with enterprise-class features built in to easily handle different workload types,mixed operating systems and storage or networking configurations.For the most demanding app,and desktop 亚博国际登录virtualization use cases,its industry-leading scalability and performance under load,can cater to the largest亚博国际登录C亚博国际登录itrix Virtual Apps and Desktopsdeployments.IT gets the benefit of features unique to 亚博国际登录Citrix Hypervisor,such as enhanced 亚博国际登录virtualized graphics with NVIDIA and Intel,and enhanced workload security with Direct Inspect APIs,all of which reduce 亚博国际登录virtual infrastructure costs and complexity.

亚博国际登录C亚博国际登录itrix Virtual Apps and Desktops license holders are able to apply those product licenses directly to Citrix Hypervisor infrastructure via the license server;no separate or specific 亚博国际登录Citrix Hypervisor license is required.

亚博国际登录Citrix Hypervisor enables IT to consolidate and contain a significant number of datacenter servers.This increases overall utilization of existing hardware resources,while lowering infrastructure total cost of ownership.Administrators can maximize efficiencies within their infrastructure,eliminating planned outages and minimizing unplanned ones.Comprehensive server consolidation and containment with 亚博国际登录Citrix Hypervisor also allows for significant performance and capacity gains in CPU cores,host RAM,VM RAM and 亚博国际登录virtual disks per VM,as well as integration with Microsoft Windows Update Services for automatic Windows VM driver updates.

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亚博国际登录Citrix Hypervisor is the leader s亚博国际登录erver virtualization platform providing support for high-performance enhanced 3D graphics,with the widest variety of GPU pass-through and 亚博国际登录virtualized GPU vendor options.Only 亚博国际登录Citrix Hypervisor includes support for In亚博国际登录tel's Virtual Graphics Technology (GVT-g),a CPU embedded GPU with no extra hardware required to facilitate enhanced graphics workloads.

亚博国际登录Citrix Hypervisor support of NVIDIA GRID vGPU has been extended for Linux graphical applications and desktops.With the latest NVIDIA GRID Maxwell-gen hardware integration,vGPU sessions per host have now increased to 128.

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The first thing I noticed with the new XenServer 7 is that everything is still familiar.Some of the new features I'm excited about include offline storage migration,XenServer Health Check,automated XenServer VM driver management via Windows Update,and the ability to access more than 128GB RAM for a VM.We love XenServer,some of our hosts have been running for more than 400 days with no problems.
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University of Utah Hospital

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